My Abba who is in heaven and in my heart – sacred and holy is Your name. Let the kingdom of heaven come to earth in all its fullness and glory. Let your plans prevail in the most magnificent way. Let the earth be filled with your goodness, mercy, and kindness as if we were […]


Our Abba

The time is short. We have been intentionally placed here in this moment in history to fulfill the calling of God on our lives. We are living in the age that the bible refers to as the age of lawlessness, and the Word speaks about it very clearly. If you look up in the Bible […]

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The Time is Short

It is that time again! Summertime has come to a close and it is all about back to school. The seasons of life keep rolling through our lives, one running into the next. I have put together some suggestions for you to consider as you get started with the new school year, new teachers, and […]


Back to School

All you need to say is simply yes or no, anything beyond this comes from the evil one. —MATTHEW 5:37 What are some ways to navigate through the responsibilities, choices, friendships, summer jobs, or living at home again after your teen/young adult child has left the nest? Is it their first summer home after college, […]

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Mary was given the assignment of birthing the King of the universe. She would bring forth, with great pain, the Savior of the world. She was favored, chosen, and obedient to her purpose. She acquiesced immediately. What a beautiful model of submission.  I love the first words spoken to Mary by the Angel Gabriel, “Greetings […]


What Are You Birthing?