Podcast Episodes, YouTube & Radio Interviews

Podcast Episodes

Three Ways to Develop Conversational Intelligence

Today's Heartlift with Janell | 6/1/22

Hosted by Janell Rardon

Leadership and Conversational Intelligence | Episode 23

The Exceptional Leadership Podcast with Anita Brooks | 4/25/22

Hosted by Anita Brooks

How to Improve Conversations with Your Teens and Young Adults with Patti Reed | Episode 88

The No More Perfect Podcast with Jill Savage | 4/12/22

Hosted by Jill Savage

Face to Face - Smart Conversations with Author Patti Reed | Episode 136

Living Unlocked Podcast with Kerrie Oles | 2/7/22

Hosted by Kerrie Oles


"My 25 year old son manages my podcast and he said, 'Mom this was a really good episode. I think it will help a lot of people!"

- jill s., podcast host

YouTube & Radio Interviews

Parenting Teens and Young Adults through "Smart Conversations"

Cultivating Better Days with Tina Webb | 9/30/21

Hosted by Tina Webb

Face to Face with Author Patti Reed

Basic Gospel with Bob Christopher | 8/10/21

Hosted by Bob Christopher

Face to Face - Smart Conversations with your Teen

Life Changing Radio WSDK/Hartford | 7/24/21

Hosted by Al Kim

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