Patti Pilkington Reed is passionate about helping others improve their personal and professional relationships through communication expertise based on her certification in Conversational Intelligence®.

"I lead courageous and intentional conversations to help leaders, parents, and individuals think differently and respond differently so they can live differently and reflect the God-given version of who they were created to be."

Realizing the great need to keep a connection through conversation with our teenagers/young adults motivated Patti to jump into training and certification in Conversational Intelligence®️ and eventually became a certified C-IQ coach. 

Patti’s latest achievement is becoming an author. Her current project, Face to Face: Smart Conversations with Yourself, Your Teenager, and Your Young Adult, guides parents to be intentional and courageous through discovering the God-given greatness within each of their children. As a result, a relationship that is enduring, sustaining, and life-giving will emerge.
But above all else, Patti Reed is first a wife to Frank and mom to Ryan and Hope. She homeschooled her children for approximately seven years with a passion and commitment to impact the spiritual, emotional, and intellectual health and growth of her children. She speaks from years of experience with compassion and creativity.
In her free time, Patti loves reading, shopping, playing word games, and having lunch with friends. Her heart and love for people gives her opportunities to open her home for small group Bible studies, participate in welcoming new visitors and coaching individuals through the Pastoral Care team at her church. Patti and her husband, Frank, of the Frank, Starlene, and Hudson Morning Show (94.9 KLTY Radio), reside in the Dallas, Fort Worth area and have been married for almost 30 years.

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