Communication is something every generation struggles with daily.


Parents of teens and young adults will find help and relief in Face to Face: Smart Conversations with Yourself, Your Teenager, and Your Young Adult (a 30-day devotional). Anyone who faces communication challenges will benefit from her book.

Meet Patti

Patti is passionate about supporting busy parents, business professionals, and ministry leaders by teaching them how to connect through conversation in a life-giving way to their spouses, children, and co-workers. She is particularly committed to helping parents create an environment where they can call out the greatness in each of their children and develop the kind of relationship that is strong and steadfast, especially in the years into young adulthood.

How can I help you?

Are you longing for ways to stop the “stinkin' thinkin' ” and renew your thought process toward a more life-affirming mindset? Do you wonder how you can move from where you are in this season of life to where you’d like to be or dream of being? Patti Reed will help you uncover thinking patterns that might be holding you back from your God-given destiny. Whether it be through an individual one-on-one coaching session, speaking engagement or a series of workshops Patti Reed can create a customized plan that works best for you or your team. 

Life-negating thoughts can undermine our confidence and throw us into spirals of doubt about our abilities. With Patti Reed’s expertise and coaching support, you CAN create intentional impact and lasting influence--at home, at work, and in the world. Let Patti help you overcome those negative lies by replacing them with “can do” truths.

Is the culture of your home or workplace based on conversationally intelligent communication? If you just can’t seem to connect with those important people in your life, Patti Reed’s expertise in bridging gaps through C-IQ and Color Your World make her intensive workshops a “must experience.” 

Patti Reed specializes in communication and connection with people, whether for parenting, leadership, marriage, or friendship, she has a speaking topic that will fit your group. Her vibrant, transparent, and authentic personality engages audiences, whether she’s speaking about raising kids or raising the standard in the workplace. 




Ready to get started?


“I was physically, mentally, and spiritually exhausted. I was a frustrated single-parent often at odds with my child. I had little hope for change in my personal or professional life. 

Because of my work with Patti, I was able to overcome burnout and had the drive and energy I needed professionally which resulted in a promotion to VP in my company this past year.”

I am now experiencing contentment and peace in a way that I have never experienced in my life.

- carly t., one-on-one coaching

She provided tools and thoughts that could immediately be implemented to make positive changes with my child and other relationships in my life."

"Patti's coaching and perspective are so appreciated and appropriate for my life as a parent.

- melinda a., parenting discussion group

Being aware of what I am thinking about daily has moved me into a more life-affirming mindset to accomplish the goals and dreams I have for both my personal and professional life. 

Working with Patti has helped me to discover my values and make the choice to live them out.

- deidre c., one-on-one coaching

10 Tried & Tested Wise Insights for Christian Moms of Young Adults: Navigating the Do's & Don'ts in Your Relationship!

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