Many of us have a desire to lead well as parents, business executives, and ministry leaders, if we only had a coach to help us achieve our goals.

Working with Patti will help you move from where you are to communicating with Conversational Intelligence®, based on a faith foundation. You can make your difference one powerful conversation at a time!

Patti engages you in thought-provoking questions like:

What is God saying to you about your leadership?

What would those you lead say about your impact on their lives?

Are you asking the Holy Spirit how to move forward?

What would happen if nothing changed?

Making discoveries through a coaching conversation provides hope, insight, and answers to the challenges you are facing both personally and professionally. 

If you are willing and open to explore creative options, consider new ways of engaging with others, and to live authentically and honestly with those in your world, then Patti is the coach for you!

Workshops & Retreats

Patti’s workshops can help you communicate more effectively, become aware of who you are and whose you are and help you implement a new plan of action to create a life of loving God, serving others, and caring for yourself well.

Are you looking for a different type of workshop or retreat that will help your team or church group make the connection between thinking on “what is true, what is noble, what is pure” and the impact of not choosing those thoughts? What are the differences between life-affirming conversations and life--negating dialogue and most importantly how the words we speak and the questions we ask can have a lasting impact and impression to change the destiny of those we work with and love most.

The Chemistry of Conversations: How to Build Trusting Communication in Any Relationship

Color, Frame, and Build Your World: Becoming Aware of What is Truly Important to You

Becoming PALS with your Teens (But Not Really)

Custom Workshops available around topics of personal development, leadership, neuroscience and the impact on conversations, and more

Workshop and retreat topics include:


Patti Reed is an entrepreneur, author, coach, business leader, and speaker on topics of leadership, personal and professional development, building trust in relationships, parenting older teens and young adults, and becoming all God sees you to be. Her vibrant and outgoing personality helps her connect with a myriad of audiences in a deep way. 

In addition to the topics listed here, Patti can create unique content to your specific needs. She has a flexible honorarium, and she will do her best to work with your budget.

Face to Face: “Smart” Conversations that Develop Trust, Build the Relationship and Grow Awareness with Yourself and Others

Who Are You Becoming as a Result of Transitions in Your Life? 

Lies, Labels & Limiting Beliefs

Leading Yourself Before Leading Others

Speaking topics include:

Catch a sneak peak of Patti's presentation to a live audience at a recent conference. Patti's signature talk, Connecting Conversations, was a hit at the Brave conference!

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